On amnesty, Congress must follow through


On Monday, Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama appeared on Newsmax TV to talk immigration policy in a Republican-controlled Senate. In short: President Obama’s plan for executive amnesty can be stopped if Republicans are able to gain back control of the Senate on Election Day.

“It’s really easy,” said Sessions. “We do it all the time. We simply put language in a bill that says the executive branch can’t spend any money on this or that project.” In other words: Congress should be able to put a stop to the president’s radical immigration agenda, by simply exercising the power of the purse.

This strategy, however, depends entirely on Republican lawmakers acting and governing like true conservatives.

Time will tell if campaign promises were rooted in reality or rhetoric, but one thing is important to remember: the American people have publicly voiced strong disapproval with the direction our country is going under President Obama. A major tenet of the president’s agenda is amnesty for illegal immigrants, with or without Congress.

Our lawmakers in Washington need to actually fight for the principles they vowed to defend when they were asking for our votes. That means no backroom deals or compromise bills in the name of “bipartisanship.” It means no executive amnesty, period.

Senator Sessions is correct in that Congress can stop President Obama’s drastic overreach in his authority. All we need is the rest of his colleagues to follow through.