Olive Garden Cutting Insurance for 1,000 Employees

When Obamacare was first created, fiscal conservatives predicted higher costs and dumping of employees by businesses. The parent company of Olive Garden, Darden’s, is seeing the former and engaging in the latter:

Starting in 2015, Obamacare will require large companies to offer insurance to employees working an average of at least 30 hours a week. Darden said that has always been the threshold for its insurance plan, but it had allowed about 1,000 workers who fell under to stay covered. Now that state health-insurance exchanges are available under Obamacare, Darden said those workers have other options. Darden said many might end up paying less under the exchanges if they qualify for government subsidies.

In other words, Obamacare is increasing costs. Darden’s responded by shifting employees onto the exchanges, which will America further into debt to keep health insurance and care “affordable.”

Obamacare is not just causing problems on the employee side of things. From Tea Party activist Donna:

Effective July 1, 2013 I lost my family doctor, who quit private practice and started working at a hospital. This doctor was unable to actually make money due to all added paper work the government required. I am now 74 and have lost my doctor of many years who was familiar with any health issues I might have.

Higher costs for doctors, higher costs for employers and devastation to families and taxpayers. This is the future of Obamacare.