Ocasio-Cortez’s $40 trillion answer to the question


Do you want to know what a Democratic Socialist has planned for “saving our country a lot of money?” Here’s the $40 trillion answer. According to congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, spending $40 trillion will save us money. Her top agenda items are student loan debt forgiveness, free education, public housing, and single-payer healthcare – all of which would cost a lot of money and would not produce wealth for the country. How exactly would the plan save us money? We don’t know, and neither does Ocasio-Cortez.

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked twice how she would pay for her plan and twice she couldn’t answer:

Her plan suggests that increasing taxes on the “very wealthy” and adding a corporate tax would cover for $2 trillion over the next ten years. What about the other $38 trillion? $32 trillion would be spent on single-payer healthcare, a system that does the exact opposite of saving money. When you turn healthcare over to government control rather than a market-based system, the money disappears – fast!

With a single-payer system, the taxpayers foot the bill and receive a system plagued with cost overruns, inefficiencies, fewer high-quality doctors, and longer wait times. If it were implemented, it would greatly increase the need for tax revenue, and a lot of it. Consider nursing homes, other medical programs, prescriptions, and all specialty practice roped into the single-payer system, and the price goes up.

Does that mean the system will be financed by a payroll tax option, a value-added tax, or another tax that hides the fact that this system isn’t “free”?

Ocasio-Cortez, should really consider how all of this can come together and how much the American people would pay for her socialize government programs.