Obama’s executive amnesty endgame

Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin has a new op-ed in Investor’s Business Daily about the hubris and strategy behind President Obama’s threat to unilaterally grant amnesty through executive action. Unfortunately for most Americans, writes Martin, amnesty for illegal immigrants is just another policy goal that the Obama Administration will attempt to ram through despite widespread opposition and the short-term consequences. It sounds a lot like another major policy goal the president once had: health care reform.

Writes Martin:

The breadth, intensity and uniformity of opposition to amnesty is striking and suggests that support for it is anathema to any political party or politician on the ballot this November.

Yet in spite of overwhelming antipathy on the issue, we continue hearing that Obama is prepared to take unilateral action despite all indications of great political risk.

This is not the first time this administration has confronted such a dynamic. ObamaCare was similarly (though not as vehemently) opposed by the American people.

At no time before or since the Affordable Care Act took effect has a majority supported it, yet congressional Democrats passed it without a single Republican vote and Obama signed it into law.

It loomed large in the 2010 midterm elections in which Democrats were “shellacked,” as Obama observed, but the president didn’t suffer any personal political repercussions, winning a second term two years later by a comfortable margin.

With reelection no longer an issue for Obama, the man is further emboldened to inflict upon Americans another policy they do not want. The picture that emerges is one in which the president places his radical ideology above even that of his own party.

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