#ObamacareMadness: The Struggling 16


Unless you’ve been in a complete media blackout, you know the Administration is doing a full court press promoting the healthcare law during March Madness. From brackets to b-ball talk on sports shows, it has been non-stop in the push for enrollment, particularly to the youth. To complement the efforts, the President released an ACA bracket (http://www.whitehouse.gov//acabracket), featuring 16 reasons to “get covered.” The quirky gifs paired with phrases like “YOLO” show just how detached he is from what is really transpiring across the country with Obamacare.


Cancer patients losing coverage, businesses laying off workers, families being hit with sky-rocketing premiums – this is no game for those collapsing under this legislative train wreck. The American people deserve a more accurate picture, so we made a bracket of our own. Unlike the President’s, there is nothing sweet about these 16 tragic stories, which have topped headlines in the last several months.


1. Heart-attack survivor stuck with $407K medical bill due to Obamacare glitch



2. Sticker shock! Florida woman’s premium increases by 994%



3. Minnesota business significantly reduces staff, salaries to cope with soaring healthcare costs



4. Despite promises from insurer, cancer patient discovers she can’t keep her doctor after signing up for Obamacare



5. In severe back pain, gentleman who “gets covered” is unable to find surgeon that accepts his insurance



 6. Single mom foregoes college aspirations as employer reduces hours to part-time in preparation for Obamacare



7. Woman suffering from cancer loses plan, possible access to MD Anderson Cancer Center



8. Family business forced to drop unaffordable coverage for 150 of its employees



9. Hours cut for 200 North Carolina Teachers due to Obamacare



10. Rising drug costs due to Obamacare causes a North Carolina resident to ration his medication



11. Unable to get answers, Illinoisans have to hire investigator to confirm they’ve been successfully enrolled



12. Senior citizen couple on fixed budget faces $4,100-a-year increase due to loss of Medicare Advantage plan



13. Two Virginia residents have personal information stolen shortly after enrolling on healthcare.gov



14. Woman diagnosed with breast cancer has to postpone biopsy, treatment due to new coverage



15. Elderly patient, suffering from cerebral palsy, loses trusted doctor of 20 years



16. Floridian now paying for two plans as she struggles to disenroll on the federal exchange site



The strife, struggle and frustration these people have encountered are unfathomable and completely avoidable. Yet, those in Washington – like Representative Nancy Pelosi – believe Obamacare is a “winner.” [1] When it comes to government-run healthcare, there are no winners – only Americans who now struggle to locate and afford the care they once had.


Welcome to Obamacare’s Madness.

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