Obamacare Train Wreck Hits Family Hard


Sandra needs to look no further than her loved ones to understand just how broad Obamacare’s devastation can be. The entire family, including her mom, has been impacted by the healthcare law. Each of their situations is different, and all are equally upsetting.

“The whole thing is a train wreck,” exclaimed Sandra. “Everyone has been affected negatively from this.”

“My husband is a retired Marine. We were quite satisfied with Tricare Standard, but we have now reached Medicare age. Our co-payments have tripled for most drugs,” the Florida resident shared. “One of the medications went from $9 a month to $27 a month. Another one was around $15 a month and jumped to $44 a month. It has been a very noticeable difference.”

Not pleased that they will have to pay an additional $420-plus a year for her husband’s medication, she is most disturbed by what it will cost her to keep her doctor.

“My doctor has switched to concierge service,” Sandra stated. “I have to either convert to the concierge service, or I don’t have anybody. I really don’t want to pay the extra fee [$1,800 a year], which is probably low for the services. We already have insurance. When you combine paying for insurance plus medication, $1,800 on top of that would be too much.”

The other issue she and her husband are facing is the shortage of doctors who accept Medicare patients, noting that several of their physicians have dropped them specifically because of late or nonexistent Medicare reimbursements.

Probably more sympathetic than most when it comes to the reimbursement issue, Sandra has seen firsthand with her daughter’s situation how doctors are struggling to get paid for services rendered. “My daughter is a physician. At one time, Medicare was behind in payments to the tune of $450,000.”

Like so many others, her daughter’s practice has been drastically impacted by Obamacare.

“Medicine has always been her passion, and she’s a great doctor. Now the paperwork, regulations, etc. have made it a burden,” Sandra explained. “She also has been financially crucified by this. A lot of the services that were covered before are no longer covered. Her income has decreased by half. She has worked really hard to build her practice – and now this!”

While she may end up changing her practice to something more concierge based, her daughter has also considered leaving the medical field completely.

As doctors contemplate how they will cope with Obamacare, some healthcare facilities – like the nursing home where Sandra’s mom stays – have already had to make changes.

“Nursing homes have cut back. They cut back staff,” Sandra pointed out. “Even providing soft drinks for their patients.”

With millions of Baby Boomers soon to be enfolded into the Medicare system, Sandra wonders what was the Administration thinking. “The biggest generation in the country is retiring, and now at this time, they want to cut back and change the medical service industry.”

“People just don’t understand the far reaching effects of this,” she vented. “It is the worst bill that has ever been passed. It was passed without the approval of the American people. It has affected us financially, emotionally, economically – it has affected us every single way possible.”

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