Obamacare: New Cycle of Government Dependency

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi touted in 2010 that “this bill is not only about the health security of America; it’s about jobs. In its life, it will create 4 million jobs – 400,000 almost immediately.” However, like all the other Affordable Care Act assurances, it’s proving to be another hollow promise that’s having the opposite effect.

Jennifer in Arizona has experienced firsthand how the new healthcare law is hurting struggling Americans, who would rather work than rely on government for their means. Yet, policies like Obamacare make that seemingly impossible.

“We struggled for years to get off of public assistance, and we were nearly there. We were to the point that the only assistance we had was with our co-payments,” shared Jennifer. “Obamacare changed that with the loss of my husband’s job – the best one he ever had. After it was signed into law, his company started laying off hundreds of people, including my husband.”

Jennifer’s story depicts the dark reality of how Obamacare is causing further demise for many workers in an already sagging job market. In early fall, IBD/TIPP conducted a poll, finding “6% say they or another household member has lost a job because of Obamacare.” According to their analysis, that translates into as many as 7 million lost jobs.

The Arizona resident explained the devastating effects this had on her family. “This caused us to be thrown back into almost complete reliance. My husband was not able to find another steady job for two years, and at one point, we and our 4 children were homeless for 5 months.”

It’s ironic that the Administration’s “helping hand,” which is meant to be a hand up for the uninsured, is actually pushing some into greater dire straits to the point that additional financial assistance is needed. Seeing this, it is only natural to ask: what will happen when Obamacare is fully implemented – when cash-strapped Americans are forced to purchase unaffordable healthcare coverage? Will it push more families and individuals into a new cycle of government dependency?

Only time will tell, but for those like Jennifer who desperately want to break free from the grip of government reliance, one thing is for sure, “Obamacare does nothing but assure that more and more people rely on the government, and it needs to be stopped.”