Obamacare Loses Piers Morgan and Jon Stewart


Over the last several years, CNN host Piers Morgan has gained a reputation as an aggressive ideologue who toes the big government line on everything from guns to religious freedom. Jon Stewart, of course, is the liberal host of “The Daily Show” who recently took HHS Secretary Sebelius to school on Obamacare.

It looks like the American people can officially count Morgan and Stewart as official critiques of the Obamacare rollout after last night’s shows.

First up is Morgan, who interviewed White House Press Secretary Jay Carney:

MORGAN: Joining me now is White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. Jay, thanks for joining me. As suppose you have this question I would ask you about all this is what guarantees were given to the President that ObamaCare and its system were ready to go live and who gave them?

JAY CARNEY, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Well, there’s a lot of fascination obviously with pointing the finger of blame for the fact that the website associated with the Affordable Care Act has not been performing as effectively as it should be, and no one is more frustrated by that than the President as he said earlier today in the Rose Garden.

But the fact is this is a significant enterprise and the problems that we’ve seen were not anticipated. We knew there would be some glitches, we knew there would be some trouble but neither the president nor the senior team knew that we would see the kind of trouble that we’ve seen as far….

Morgan went on to ask Carney about a possible delay of the individual mandate, but most importantly, asked multiple times about who would be held accountable – whose head would roll, whose job would be lost, etc. Carney refused to answer the question, saying “It shouldn’t be about, you know, making — having heads roll or firing people, Piers.”

A few hours after Morgan’s show ended, Jon Stewart dismembered took on Obamacare as well. He, pointed out that more Americans believe Obamacare has been repealed than have been able to sign up for insurance (12% and less than 10%, respectively). He also compared the President’s speech yesterday to a desperate salesman from “The Simpsons,” and hammered President Obama for trying to use a single person’s signing up for insurance to justify the millions who can’t.

During the 2012 election, the mainstream media refused to report on Obamacare’s flawed implementation. However, in the last week, much attention has been paid by print/online publications and television shows to the unmitigated disaster of the Affordable Care Act. Now that public figures like Morgan and Stewart are holding the Administration accountable, there is hope others will report on Obamacare’s effects more accurately then they investigated its promises.