Obamacare Drives Family to Consume Less Healthcare


“I wish I could say that the future looks bright,” sighed Michelle. “Sadly, I fear what is coming down the pike – not just for me, but for our children.”

Like any dedicated mother, Michelle wants the best for her family. However, her heart is troubled by what she sees transpiring within our nation, particularly Obamacare. With higher costs, a tighter budget and added stress, this is not the peace of mind and path to affordability President Obama promised with the new healthcare law.

“Since Obamacare has passed, my husband’s insurance costs have increased yearly,” she shared. “In 2013, he paid $516 a month for healthcare for our family. This year he is paying $542 a month. We have a $600 deductible per person before a 20% co-pay kicks in.”

The Pennsylvania mom noted that prior to 2008 – before the thought of Obamacare – their premiums were half of what they are today. She and her husband even went through a 5-year period where there were no seen increases, but that has quickly changed with the Affordable Care Act. On top of the premium hikes, doctor fees have jumped as well. Absorbing all of these new costs has not been easy for her family.

“As a homeschooler, my priority is my son’s education. My husband is the breadwinner. There has been an increased stress upon him with these rising costs,” explained Michelle. “It has been tight – very tight – especially [with my husband’s] recent surgery. We are now faced with bills, which we are making payments on.”

Trying to keep soaring healthcare costs under control at least as much as she can, Michelle pointed out, “We no longer go to the primary care physician when we should. We now go when it is absolutely necessary.” Who would have thought that insurance coverage, not the lack of it, would dissuade people from medical care? Only Obamacare.

This touted safety net – intended to protect families and individuals from high, ruinous healthcare costs – has failed its mission, becoming its own demise. For the first time ever, Michelle and her husband who are in their mid-40s have discussed what they would do if something catastrophic would happen.

“We’ve already talked about end-of-life situations and not wanting to end up losing everything,” she admitted. “We do not want to see the surviving spouse and our child suffer with debt, because life now is just hard enough.”

These hardships, created by an unprecedented encroachment of government in healthcare, don’t give Michelle much hope for where things are headed.

“What a bleak future we are creating for our children,” she exclaimed. “They will be burdened with our generation’s mistakes and have to pay for it through their lives with limited healthcare that they won’t even be able to afford!”

For her son and others, this mama grizzly, as Palin would say, is not about to give up. “I told my husband, ‘If we do not stand up and be a part of a voice, then we are no better than those pushing things along. We have to stand up. This is our children’s future.’”

For the sake of their future and our country, stand with us in helping preserve economic and personal freedom, so children like Michelle’s son can pursue their American dream.

Repealing Obamacare is a good start.