With Obamacare Collapsing, President Pushes Amnesty


With the collapse of Obamacare beginning less than three weeks after www.healthcare.gov launched, one might expect President Obama to take responsibility and make the health care law work. Instead, he is moving on to immigration “reform,” i.e. amnesty. From Huffington Post:

As House Republicans pursue smaller-scale immigration reform that could leave out a new path to citizenship entirely, President Barack Obama attempted on Thursday to rally the troops in support of a comprehensive approach that he says can still be passed by the end of the year.

“There are going to be moments — there are always moments like this in big efforts at reform — where you meet resistance and the press will declare something dead, ‘It’s not going to happen,’ but that can be overcome,” Obama said during an address to reform supporters at the White House, joined by Vice President Joe Biden.

There are various rumors about House Republicans immigration reform, but according to Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) last week, Speaker Boehner has said he will not go to conference with the Senate’s amnesty bill. At the same event as Salmon, immigration reform proponent Congressman Raul Labrador (R-ID) said immigration reform is dead, given the lack of good faith the President showed during the “shutdown.”

What is wrong with the Senate’s bill? At a bloated 1,100 pages, it reads conspicuously like the Affordable Care Act. Among other things, it provides amnesty. It will also hurt the American economy. It transfers massive power to  the Executive Branch– power it is already illegally abusing concerning immigration.

The pro-amnesty crowd has long engaged in asinine tactics, including the exploitation of children for political advantage. With a President and Senate on their side, focus shifts to the House in hopes of pressuring Republicans into capitulation.

Tea Party activists must push back against this issue sleight-of-hand for two reasons. First, without us the House will likely cave. Second, every bit of attention focused on a debate related to amnesty is a moment not focused on the Obamacare debacle – which the President is clearly tired of defending, and wants to move on to areas of public policy he has better footing on.