Obamacare: Climbing Costs Posing as Reform


From The Charlotte Observer comes a story of sticker shock across North Carolina. The reasons are many, but one of the biggest reasons is residents are being forced to pay for more coverage – whether they need it or not:

Under the new law, all insurance plans must cover 10 “essential health benefits,” including maternity care and pediatric dental and vision care. Plans must also provide certain preventive services, such as mammograms and colonoscopies for free.

Today, people who buy individual policies often choose plans without maternity coverage, for example, to reduce premiums. That choice is gone, too.

“Now maternity is loaded into everybody’s plan,” Blount said.

That means men will generally be paying more than they did before. But women, who can no longer be charged more just for being female, will probably pay less.

One business owner whose wife is expecting their third child was furious:

Hood said his income is about $85,000 a year, which would mean he might be able to qualify for a subsidy. He said he checked the online marketplace, which has been operating only sporadically this week, and didn’t think it looked like his family would be eligible.

One of the pluses of any new plan is that it will cover maternity care, which his current plan doesn’t. But “is that really worth paying $1,000 a month more for?”

“I’m angry that legislation has been passed that is forcing me to purchase something that otherwise I would not have to purchase,” Hood said.

“The president told us Obamacare would make health insurance affordable and reduce costs. It is now impossible for our family to afford private health insurance.”

How is charging citizens more for services they will never need “affordable?” Subsidies will help offset these costs, but that simply means the individual insurance market will continue to see high prices (because of government interference) and be offset by increasing the national debt.

Americans want real healthcare reform, not taxes masquerading as insurance.