Obamacare: Buy Now, Pay after 2014 Elections

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“It’s doesn’t make sense,” said Cherise, who was astonished by the premium increase. The Louisiana resident received a letter from Blue Cross Blue Shield, stating her family’s rates will increase $496.82 a month due to Affordable Care Act. This is in addition to the $605.14 a month they already pay.

“If you factor in all that money, there is no point in us even having insurance, because we can pay the doctors for less than what we are having to pay for insurance. My doctor’s office visit is $65. Even if we went to the doctor 10 times a month, it would be $650 month, which would be less than what our monthly premium would be at $1,000 a month [for the proposed ACA-plan],” she stated.

In an effort to minimize the pocketbook pain, Blue Cross Blue Shield gave Cherise the option to extend her family’s current coverage for one more year.

“They sent a letter saying if you sign this paper changing your due date, your premium will only go up $5 this year. We got the $5,600 deductible. We changed our due date for December of 2014, so our plan only went up to $610 a month. Basically, our agent said for now this is what we can try to do to keep costs down,” she explained.

While this temporary fix spares some from the healthcare price gouge, Cherise knows it is only delaying the law’s costly reality that she and many other Americans will have to face next year.

For Cherise, coverage beyond 2014 is marked with uncertainty and concern.

“We don’t know what is going to happen next year. That’s what is scary. If it was up to us, all we would have is hospitalization in case something would happen like a wreck,” shared Cherise. “We can’t afford it [$1,000 a month premium]. I don’t have a job. I’ve been trying to get a job for the last 2-3 years and have not been able to get one. I’m a certified teacher.”

Understanding the mindset of those in Washington is more about maintaining political power rather than attending to the welfare of the people, Cherise sees through the Administration’s fix and delay tactics. “I know why they are doing it, which makes me even madder. They want to wait until the 2014 election and then stick it to everybody. We are not stupid,” she exclaimed.

This would not be the first time that measures in Obamacare have been postponed for political expediency. The Washington Post highlights some interesting findings from the Administrative Conference of the United States’ (ACUS) report.

“The White House systematically delayed enacting a series of rules on the environment, worker safety and health care to prevent them from becoming points of contention before the 2012 election, according to documents and interviews with current and former administration officials…

The delays meant that rules were postponed or never issued. The stalled regulations included crucial elements of the Affordable Care Act, what bodies of water deserved federal protection, pollution controls for industrial boilers and limits on dangerous silica exposure in the workplace.

The Obama administration has repeatedly said that any delays until after the election were coincidental and that such decisions were made without regard to politics. But seven current and former administration officials told The Washington Post that the motives behind many of the delays were clearly political, as Obama’s top aides focused on avoiding controversy before his reelection.”

Whether it is now or later, the truth is Americans are going to be paying a lot more under the “Affordable” Care Act. It’s time to provide permanent relief to families across the country and repeal Obamacare.