Obama snubs VA Hospital during Phoenix visit


Arrogant? Ignorant? Elitist? Self-righteous? Out of touch?

On Thursday, President Obama visited Phoenix [1], Arizona to deliver a speech about things like mortgage rates and Federal Housing Administration loans. All important stuff.

What was less important, apparently, was visiting the Veterans Affairs hospital located in Phoenix; the very hospital at the center of the painfully awful VA scandal. It’s not just that President Obama didn’t want to go out of his way to visit the VA; his motorcade literally drove right past the hospital. He could have chosen to stop and visit sick and wounded veterans who were mistreated by incompetent VA officials in his administration, but he didn’t.

Pete Hegseth, head of Concerned Veterans of America, rightly called the drive-by a “snub.” We would add to that, “snub of epic proportions.”

Here’s what Hegseth had to say: “While he [Obama] addresses an adoring crowd, five minutes away there are wounded veterans still awaiting timely care, and long-overdue accountability, at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Hospital – the same hospital where, less one than one year ago, America learned how grossly mismanaged our VA system had become.”

There’s no excuse for Obama skipping a VA visit. He’s the President of the United States. He can tell a waiting plane to wait a few minutes longer on the tarmac. He can push a meeting back by an hour. He can cancel a photo-op. He can even skip a gym workout [2]. He can choose to spend less time glad-handing and more time paying respect to wounded veterans.

Arrogant? Out of touch?  Pure Obama.