Obama plays politics with economy – again


Late in the afternoon on Good Friday and preceding a holiday weekend, the Obama Administration quietly released its biggest news of the week: another delay in approving the Keystone XL pipeline.[1]

Putting politics over pragmatism is starting to become a predictable pattern for this White House.

What’s shocking is that the president is willing to play politics outside the political arena when it comes to Keystone. He’s not just aiding congressional Democrats; he’s deliberately blocking the creation of thousands of high-wage jobs all because a bunch of environmental extremists continue to yank his chain.

The president claims his administration has yet to fully determine if the project is in the “national interest.” How are job creation and energy independence not in the national interest? According to the State Department’s own analysis, construction alone would create 42,000 new jobs.[2] Even if those jobs are only for construction, hasn’t President Obama focused his entire economic policy approach on the need for short-term stimulus as a way to jumpstart the economy? What better way to do that then approve a project that will create tens of thousands of short-term jobs?

The American people know there is no logical reason for President Obama to punt on the Keystone pipeline. His delay reeks of political opportunism. Moreover, since the State Department also concluded that preventing the pipeline from being built will have very little effect on climate change, there is no legitimate reason for the president to continue blocking it. Once again, Obama’s extremist ideology prevents; a) new opportunities for people to get a good job, and; b) the chance for families to provide for themselves a roadmap to success and security.

The American people are still hurting from the recession. Workplace participation remains at an historic low and good jobs with high wages are hard to come by. We get it. Tea Party Patriots believes in the link between personal freedom and economic freedom, and we know free markets are the best path for Americans to pursue the opportunities they want to achieve their own American dream.  Yet when destructive government policies and decisions get in the way of economic opportunities, Americans suffer.

In the case of the Keystone pipeline, President Obama weighed prosperity against politics, and chose politics. Isn’t that the sort of Washington game he was supposed to “change”?