Obama Admin: We ignored a federal judge because of a tech glitch


Remember when the Obama Administration ignored a federal judge and implemented executive amnesty, approving new amnesty applications even after they were told to stop? Yeah, we do too. It wasn’t that long ago. Yet in the ultimate my-dog-ate-my-homework style of excuse, administration officials are blaming their disobedience on a technology glitch.

But it gets worse: according to the Washington Times, the Obama Administration is “now begging about 2,000 illegal immigrants to tear up their three-year work authorizations.”

Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

Apparently, when administration officials began processing older amnesty applications, the newer, three-year applications under Obama’s executive order were simply stuck in the pipeline and processed by mistake.

The agency responsible, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services – part of the Department of Homeland Security – is telling Judge Andrew Hanen that more “botched” applications are being found throughout the system. The Times has more on why this latest excuse is so fishy [1]:

First, the lawyers misled the court as to more than 100,000 three-year amnesty applications that were approved between Nov. 20 and Feb. 16, when Judge Hanen issued his injunction. The lawyers said they didn’t intend to mislead, and they assumed the judge knew those applications were being approved.

Then the Homeland Security Department announced it had approved the 2,000 or so three-year applications even after the injunction — a clear violation of the judge’s order, and raising questions about the lawyers’ excuses for the first 100,000 botched applications.

Note to the Obama Administration: the “dog ate my homework” excuse didn’t work in elementary school, and it won’t work now.

    • 1- Dinan, Stephen. DHS blames tech glitch for violating judge’s amnesty injunction. http://washingtontimes.com 16 May 2015.