Number of Americans Hurt by Obamacare Steadily Rising


Increased premiums, massive cancellations, reduction in work hours, loss of providers – it’s no surprise the number of people being negatively affected by the new healthcare law continues to grow.


“A new poll released Thursday found that an all-time high number of Americans believe Obamacare has hurt them. According to Gallup, 23% of those surveyed said that President Obama’s signature domestic achievement had hurt them, the highest such figure since the pollster began asking Americans the question in 2012. It’s an increase of 4% from recent Gallup polls taken in late 2013 and early 2014.”[1]


Yet, the President in a town hall hosted by Univision, Telemundo and impreMedia boasted, “I am absolutely confident that you will see millions of people benefit from this law. It doesn’t mean that at some point there won’t be some additional problems, or improvements that we can make. At this point, I think actually it is working the way it should.”[2]


This crass comment – one of several in recent weeks – is further proof that Washington has turned a deaf ear to the struggles Americans are facing under this healthcare monstrosity. For Washington State resident Daryl, Obamacare is anything but working for him and his family.


“My wife and I were told that our plan was being discontinued. Our insurance company said we could have this new plan, which met the requirements and was going to be twice as much – $1,200,” he stated. “Being retired, a $600 per month increase on my budget is unthinkable.”


Wanting to see how the price for his new policy compared to what was being offered on the exchange, Daryl decided to browse the Washington HealthPlanFinder.
“I was told by most of my friends – financial people – do not give your information to the online exchanges. So, I apprehensively went there to see what a plan would cost under a state exchange as opposed to what the insurance company was telling me. Luckily to check [pricing], I didn’t have to set up a profile and give my information. The price was very similar, and actually there was one option that was $200 more. It was somewhere between $1,200-$1,400 at the exchange,” explained Daryl, who doesn’t qualify for a subsidy.
Despite the claims of delivering affordable coverage, the exchange failed to live up to its promise, leaving Daryl and his wife to search for a solution that fit their means. In speaking with friends, they learned about an alternative to traditional insurance – healthcare cost-sharing ministries, which meet the Administration’s requirements, sparing families from being penalized.


“The reason we ended up with Medi-Share is that it has been around for 20 years, and we knew people in our church organization who had it. We went through the evidence of insurability and all the complete testing, which I would expect,” Daryl said. “The premium now is around $580 a month with a combined deductible between my wife and I of $2,500. I do pay $80 more a month for myself for a healthcare coach, which takes the total to $660.”


Daryl and his wife aren’t the only one flocking to this. According to Fox News, nearly 30,000 people have opted to enroll in one of the ministries since October 1, 2013.


With more than 30 years in healthcare, which includes serving as a human resource executive in hospital administration, Daryl is well-versed on the issue.


“There are far better ways to reign in the healthcare costs, starting with tort reform. There are just too many of us middle-class Americans who cannot afford this.”