No, America won’t miss federal Obamacare subsidies

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By the end of June, the Supreme Court will decide whether federal Obamacare subsidies are unconstitutional. Until then, the left will continue to run in circles trying to convince Americans that should the court side with Obamacare opponents, disaster and ruin are imminent. Here’s why you shouldn’t believe the hyperbole.

New research from the American Action Forum (AAF) shows just how much the majority of states will be better off if federal subsidies are struck down. According to

AAF estimates that more than 11 million people would be liberated from having to purchase expensive ObamaCare insurance and freed from the onerous penalties of the individual mandate, which cost those who don’t comply an average of $1,200 in fines this year. The study also finds that workers could earn nearly $1,000 more, and 1.2 million more people would join the workforce in federal exchange states if King prevails in the lawsuit.

The employer mandate would be void in these states because employers no longer could be penalized if their workers went to the exchanges for insurance. No exchange subsidies equals no employer mandate penalties. AAF estimates that 262,000 businesses would be liberated from the employer mandate.

The study goes on to point out that relief from the employer mandate would allow for the creation of up to 237,000 new jobs, bring 1.2 million people into the workforce, and increase pay by up to $940 per employee.

Never mind all that, though. The left will continue to insist that not spending millions of taxpayer dollars on federal subsidies will plunge the nation into a fit of despair. Should the Supreme Court come down on the side of the Constitution, however, time will prove them wrong. In the meantime, rest assured the sky is not falling.

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