News Release: Three Years Later, Obamacare Still Reviled

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Tea Party Patriots Blasts Anniversary of “Affordable” Care Act 

Today, Tea Party Patriots, the nation’s largest tea party organization, blasted the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats over the three-year anniversary of the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

“On the anniversary of the passage of Obamacare, we have seen good doctors driven out of the industry and premiums skyrocket,” said Jenny Beth Martin, National Coordinator of Tea Party Patriots. “Rep. Pelosi and Sen. Reid have broken the promises they made when passing the law. Contrary to what they said over and over again, the law does not solve current health insurance problems and will exacerbate them once fully implemented.

“The law is unaffordable, costing a family of four $20,000 per year to have health insurance when fully implemented. Eight to nine million people will lose their current health insurance coverage, and 30 million people will still be uninsured. Pelosi and Reid claimed it wasn’t a tax, the Supreme Court deemed it was. More Medicaid surgical patients die than those without insurance, yet Medicaid expansion is a key component of the law’s implementation.

“The law is anything but affordable and caring. It is expensive, callous, and cruel.

“Americans rejected the law that was thrown down their throats behind closed doors, and they still want it repealed. Tea Party Patriots will continue to stand for health care freedom and we will continue to work to repeal the law.”