News Release: Tea Party to Congress: Repeal 16th Amendment, Reform the IRS


Applauds Rep. Bridenstine for Introducing Bill to Reform Tax System

ATLANTA, GATea Party Patriots announced today their support for a bill introduced by Congressman Jim Bridenstine’s (R-OK) to repeal the 16th Amendment (Income Tax). 

“The only way to reform the IRS in a meaningful and lasting manner is to repeal the underlying Constitutional amendment that allowed for the creation of 67,000 plus pages of regulations,” said Jenny Beth Martin, National Coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots. “When that many regulations exist, it is impossible for the average citizen or business owner to know whether they are compliant with the law.

“Further, we have witnessed the silencing effect the IRS has on free speech firsthand.  The 16th Amendment allowed the creation of the IRS and members of both parties manipulate this agency to punish political opposition systematically. The 16th Amendment enables politicians, businesses, and lobbyists to create crony deals which prohibit free market competition. The establishment abuses the power of the 16th Amendment to build campaign war chests as a means to amass even more power.  It is time to start over and Congressman Bridenstine’s Bill to repeal the 16th Amendment is the place to start.

“Our coordinators agree by over 90%– either the FAIR Tax or Flat Tax plans are better than the system today. While we are open to debating the various alternatives to today’s egregious tax code, we know that the time to stop debating and start acting is past.

“The Constitution is meant to limit the powers of the federal government and protect the rights of the people. The 16th amendment has allowed the IRS to become a means for massive growth in government power and a massive burden on the rights of all Americans. The tax code must be reformed with a system that collects the revenue necessary to run the government, while being a fixed tax system which cannot be used to manipulate behavior and can never be used as a political weapon again.

“We call on all members of Congress to support this common sense bill.”