News Release: Tea Party to Administration: “If Obamacare is that bad, Scrap It”

Blasts President for Breaking His Own Bad Law to Save It

Tea Party Patriots blasted the President’s statement today proposing executive action to break his own bad law, in order to salvage what is left of Obamacare.

“When millions of Americans lost their health coverage due to Obamacare, the President was silent.  The President and Congressional Democrats cried ‘anarchists’ and ‘terrorists’ when Republicans tried to pass legislation to protect the American people from the very problems the President says he wants to fix unilaterally,” said Jenny Beth Martin, National Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots. “Now, when Obamacare threatens to implode, the President speaks up – not to save American families from higher costs and uncertainty, but to save the broken law he named after himself from collapsing under its own incompetence.

 “Either ‘live by the law,’ as passed by Congress, or scrap the entire thing. These dictatorial changes by executive action do not go through the proper Constitutional process to create and amend laws.  This kind of behavior creates instability in the present, uncertainty in the future, and deep distrust between the citizens and the government. It must stop.

“Instead of putting bandages on to delay cancellations for a year, let’s permanently stop the mandates, subsidies, delays, favors, handouts, and cronyism—harmful behavior that ultimately takes away our freedom.  Let us empower a free society. It is time to stand up for freedom: health care freedom. It is time to stand up for freedom to choose who our doctors will be, freedom to choose what insurance we want to purchase with our hard earned money, freedom to choose what medical treatment we want to buy, freedom for business owners to create policies to meet consumer demands in a competitive environment, freedom for business to grow and hire people who want to work without fear of penalty for growing, freedom for all to be charitable to their neighbors who are in need and the freedom to earn money to pay for the charitable contributions,” continued Mrs. Martin. “Congress you can act. It is time to do so. Let’s get it done!”