National Remembrance Day for the Victims Killed by Illegal Aliens


This past Sunday, November 2, was National Remembrance Day for the Victims Killed by Illegal Aliens. Our friends at The Remembrance Project created a poster that reflects the lives stolen from us by illegal immigrants.

For more information about this day of remembrance, please visit

Tea Party Patriots highlights The Remembrance Project and their amazing work, as well as some of the victims of illegal immigrants in our documentary, The Border States of America. If you haven’t watched it yet, please do so as soon as possible, and send the link to as many of your friends and family as you can. With President Obama getting ready to implement executive amnesty, and a lame duck Congress threatening to pass amnesty, we can’t waste any time in getting this message out.

We have provided here sample letters to a Senator or Senator-elect you may want to use in the next few days to remind our elected officials and the newly-elected class of Senators that Americans remain firmly opposed to providing amnesty to illegal immigrants.