Moving the Goalposts


President Obama raised the specter of executive amnesty for illegal immigrants earlier this year, asking his administration for actions he could take before the end of summer. But people started paying attention to the issue and they weren’t happy so by August, the talking point was shifted to “after Labor Day.”

Not long after that, polling data showed a lot of Americans were blowing a gasket over Obama’s amnesty threat, so the story line shifted to “after the November elections.” More howls of protest ensued – from conservatives who don’t want any amnesty to liberals who wanted amnesty yesterday.

This week, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi told us she was looking for executive amnesty by Thanksgiving. Or Christmas. Where will it end? For Democrats hunting for the next amnesty deadline, click here for a list of holidays in 2015.

This continual moving of the goalposts shows how terribly hamstrung liberals are. They can’t follow through on amnesty because a landslide majority of Americans won’t stand for it; if they do nothing, they alienate their base.

Such a conundrum…

But it appears the Obama administration has found a solution to its problem by simply refusing to send home those who break the law to enter the United States. According to the Associated Press [1], deportations are at the lowest point since 2007. It’s amnesty by another name and it’s the latest example of the lawlessness we’re seeing on illegal immigration.

First, Obama refused to secure the borders, allowing untold thousands of people to illegally enter the U.S.  Now, he’s refusing to send those people back home. It’s prosecutorial discretion run amok in support of a policy to bring about the “fundamental transformation” of America that Obama promised during the 2008 presidential campaign.

However, it’s encouraging to see that millions of Americans aren’t buying what the administration is selling. More and more people are demanding an immigration policy based on securing our borders, enforcing the laws on the books, respecting the millions of immigrants who played by the rules to earn their citizenship, and sending home those who break the law to enter the U.S.

The key is turning this broad consensus into action; to demand our elected officials represent their constituents and to hold them accountable if they don’t. It’s Democracy 101 and it’s time to bring it back to America.