Memo to GOP from the Grassroots: Stand Your Ground


Leave it to establishment Republicans to sacrifice policy on the altar of tactics. As the partial government shutdown rolls into its second week and the so-called debt ceiling deadline draws nearer, we’re beginning to see cracks in a previously unified GOP front against the Affordable Care Act.

After showing spine and bringing to the fore a discussion on Obamacare the likes of which had not been previously seen, some congressional Republicans are citing political tactics as a rationale for surrender. It’s the wrong thing to do, and the message to these Republicans from the grassroots is simple: stand your ground.

Republicans in the House showed genuine courage in linking a Continuing Resolution to Obamacare by attaching amendments to make Congress live under the same rules as the people they represent—and to defund the law thus giving Americans a delay similar to the delay that the Obama Administration gave to big business. Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid refused even to consider such a notion, choosing instead to do nothing and let the federal government slide into partial shutdown mode…

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