Massachusetts State Board of Education dumps Common Core in favor of its own testing standards


Common Core advocates everywhere are groaning in dismay as those on the state board of education in – of all places – liberal stronghold Massachusetts have decided to opt out of Common Core testing and develop their own standards for measuring students’ progress in language arts and mathematics.

The Daily Signal has the details:

It comes as no surprise that a “top-down, one-size-fits-all” approach to education is not working for the people of Massachusetts.

Interestingly, this policy reversal comes at the recommendation of Mitchell Chester, one of Common Core’s main architects. When a program’s leading advocate admits that it is not working, it is time to give that program a second look.

The sentiment held in Massachusetts is shared by parents, students, teachers, and school administrators all over the country. A recent poll found that approval for common core plummeted to 46 percent among teachers in 2014, a 30-point drop from 2013. Approval among parents indicates a similar pattern, with overall approval rates dropping from 65 percent in 2013 to 53 percent in 2014.

One size doesn’t fit all and the blanket approach of President Obama’s Common Core makes it more apparent than ever that the program is hurting, not helping, our children. It’s time for other states to follow suit and develop their own strategies for measuring student success in the classroom. Click here to get involved and help us end Common Store!