Mark Levin explains Reagan to Tea Party Patriots


A few weeks ago, Tea Party Patriots launched its Patriot Town Hall series. The series, which brings former Ronald Reagan staffers and a Reagan biographer to Tea Party activists across the nation, is designed to bring the principles and strategies of the nation’s greatest modern President to a new generation of activists.

Last night, nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin joined Tea Party Patriots to explain how President Reagan overcame the establishment and media bias in his day. According to Levin, Reagan didn’t just beat the establishment – he ran it over in the style of the Tea Party. He didn’t just talk over Democrats in Congress to reach the American people; he talked over the establishment moderates in his own party who were the “grandparents” of today’s establishment.

One critical point Levin made is the left’s misrepresentation of President Reagan’s policies and principles. Levin rejected the narrative that President Reagan would not survive in today’s GOP, and said the Tea Party and Reagan are definitely aligned when it comes to principles and policies to reduce the size and scope of government.

When asked by a listener about taxes, Levin explained that, yes, President Reagan raised taxes. However, the sizeable cuts the President made in tax rates far outweighed the increases. The increases were almost negligible in comparison, said Levin, and the cuts were across the board, for the poor, the middle-class, the wealthy, corporations, etc.

A common theme among the speakers thus far has been Reagan’s attitude. Anger was not a part of his repertoire. Petty partisan politics was not a tool he used. He didn’t worry about racial or ethnic differences. For Reagan, it was important to always look to a brighter future and bring all Americans to that brighter future with him. In this respect, President Obama is similar to Reagan. Unlike the current President, however, Reagan understood a President merely provides inspiration and certain leadership qualities and policies. The American people do the rest.

Over the next two weeks, more Reagan staffers will offer their own advice. Becky Norton Dunlop will provide insights next Sunday from her former perch as a high-ranking official in the Department of the Interior. Be sure to sign up for these calls at Also, once you sign up, you can hear Mark Levin’s presentation in full.