Lois Lerner’s taxpayer-funded pension


In a recent media interview[1], ex-IRS official Lois Lerner “broke her silence” about the conservative targeting scandal, proclaiming her innocence- yet again. But what was more revealing was the news that the former bureaucrat is still receiving a $100,000 a year, taxpayer-funded, government pension.

Let that sink in for a moment. Lois Lerner, who says she’s already had to fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills, is still getting a government pension. Maybe it’s time she thank the American taxpayers for chipping in with the lawyer fees – unless she’s too busy pleading the Fifth and hiding the truth from the American people.

The facts about what happened at the IRS under Lerner’s watch are established and undisputed. She ran an office that targeted conservative and Tea Party groups in an effort to intimidate, threaten, and ultimately shut them up and keep them from participating in the political process.

She did call[2] conservatives “crazies” and other derogatory terms while at the IRS. She did attempt to cover all that up. And she did refuse to answer questions about her role in the targeting during a congressional hearing.

By pleading the Fifth Amendment, she has made it clear that she believes illegal activity occurred as she neither wants to implicate herself nor someone else.

Meanwhile, her computer hard drive and the hard drives of several others at the IRS have mysteriously crashed.  Evidence of a massive scandal may have been purposely destroyed to protect others at the IRS or higher in the government.

Why was her boss, the IRS’s commissioner, on the White House logs over 100 times?  Why was President Obama’s top political aide in many of those meetings with the IRS commissioner?

Taxpayers shouldn’t be paying Lois Lerner to cover up the truth. The Americans people deserve answers from the IRS, the Obama Administration, and especially Lerner herself.