Letter to the editor: ‘The borrowing ability of our government will run out’


The national debt today stands at $19.2 trillion – a figure that should alarm any parent or member of Congress, according to one concerned citizen from Moorestown, New Jersey.

The Courier-Post Online has the details:

If you personally had to borrow the money and make your children pay for 26 weeks or more of payments to your unemployed neighbor or welfare, subsidized housing, free meals at school and Medicaid for any immigrant that can reach our shores, would you do it? Would you borrow more and ask your children to pay for the best military hardware in the world, the world’s best-paid police, firemen, teachers and their administrators and union officials?

Our national debt for these services has increased from almost $6 trillion in 2000 to more than $18 trillion in 2015. That is more than triple in 15 years. We owe trillions of dollars to a country that is politically opposite from us.

Eventually, the borrowing ability of our government will run out. It may run out at $27 trillion of debt or $54 trillion, but it will run out. At triple every 15 years, it will reach $54 trillion in just 15 more years. Our children will bear the costs of that debt and every immoral parent that votes is responsible.

Curbing and eliminating our national debt matters – for ourselves and for our children. Click here to help Tea Party Patriots push for a commonsense spending plan that would balance our budget within five years!