Laura Ingraham: Conference on Immigration Bill is like Meeting with Mafia


On Friday, Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) told Laura Ingraham that the House should pass a piece of immigration reform and bring it to a conference with the Senate.

Ingraham raked him over the coals, pointing out that any conference bill will likely end up being Senate-dominated conference legislation. Furthermore, shortly after Senator Cornyn called President Obama “lawless,” Ingraham reminded him that making any sort of new law would be subject to the President’s arbitrary lawmaking.

The Senator said the alternative is the status quo which “is terrible.” Ingraham agreed, then compared going to conference to meeting with the Mafia. Senator Cornyn defended his confidence that we shouldn’t “give up” on Congress doing its job, or on an “independent judiciary.” He followed this up by saying such an accountability process could take years, all but admitting such a process is greatly flawed, given this President’s kingly wand.

Senator Cornyn was on retreat during the entire immigration discussion, and Ingraham made sure he never got a softball moment. The full interview can be heard here.