“McBoehner” McCarthy is John Boehner’s Clone


Tea Party Patriots today will be on Capitol Hill handing out T-shirts to spread the message that Kevin McCarthy is John Boehner’s clone and won’t fight for conservative values. Tea Party Patriots CEO and Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement:

Once again, the Washington GOP establishment and their lobbyist allies on K Street are doing everything in their power to ensure John Boehner’s clone, Kevin McCarthy, is installed as the next Speaker of the House and business as usual continues in DC. Kevin ‘McBoehner’ has already telegraphed that he won’t fight for conservative values, telling Sean Hannity he will only fight President Obama’s failed liberal agenda if there is a ‘winning’ strategy. By letting the world know he will only fight when he knows he will win, McBoehner is admitting he doesn’t have what it takes to win any fight. Conservatives in the House must prove they will fight for our shared values. If they are willing to stare down leadership and not blink, leadership will change.