Judicial vacancies jump to 172 and liberal obstruction holds steady


President Trump had a record number of federal circuit court judges confirmed during his first year in office; however, the number of judicial vacancies continues to rise and the Democratic minority continues to stall votes for every judicial nominee. Last Friday, President Trump intended to renominate 21 judicial picks including Kyle Duncan of Louisiana for the 5th U.S. court of appeals, whom he had nominated last year but has yet to receive a confirmation vote.

The National Review has the inside scoop from Carrie Severino:

Though 2017 saw a record number of federal circuit court judges confirmed during a President’s first year in office, the number of judicial vacancies nevertheless continues to steadily rise; the total number of current and known future vacancies jumped to 172 over the Christmas recess. And the Democratic minority continues to require cloture votes for every judicial nominee: last week Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell filed cloture motions for four district court nominees. The four nominees are expected to receive confirmation votes this week.

Since my last update, the number of nominees awaiting Senate floor votes has dropped from 24 to 12 as a result of 26 judicial nominations being returned to the White House at the end of the Congressional session in December. Nearly all of these nominees are expected to be re-nominated and will require another Senate Judiciary Committee vote to be moved back to the Senate floor but not another hearing.

It is unacceptable that Democrats are abusing Senate rules to create gridlock intended to stop President Trump from being able to appoint well-qualified judges to the federal bench. The American people elected President Trump in part because he promised to appoint judges who would interpret our Constitution the way the Founding Fathers intended. Click here to urge the Senate to update its antiquated debate rules and confirm President Trump’s judicial nominees!