Join us, this Tax Day


This year, let’s do more than just silently watch another Tax Day come and go.  If we’re going to push our representatives in Washington to enact serious reforms at the Internal Revenue Service and in the current tax code, we need to build support from the ground up! The time to act is now.

Tonight, Tea Party Patriots invites you to host a house party in your home, and invite your friends and family to watch a film about IRS targeting and the need for reform. If you have friends who don’t know about IRS abuse and the government culture that allowed it to happen, this is great opportunity to discuss the issue in a non-confrontational and casual environment.

You don’t have to be political or even conservative, to be outraged by the IRS’ actions. This violation of First Amendment rights crosses party lines. All taxpayers should be angry to know that they may be targeted in the future, just because of their philosophy and beliefs.  These aren’t shrill accusations, either; they’re backed up by numerous reports and facts.

We also need your help by signing our Repeal the 16th Amendment petition, which you can find here.  Attempts at tax reform in the past have always failed to address the root of the problem: the 16th Amendment and the income tax. Thanks to the income tax, our tax code has ballooned to tens of thousands of pages of illegible and complicated regulations. It serves as a disincentive for Americans to work hard to get ahead financially, and the lack of transparency ensures that those who navigate loopholes the best can easily game the system.

If Washington wants to “even the playing field,” so to speak, it should start by repealing the 16th Amendment. It should start by creating a fair tax system that simple for everyone.  Join us, on this Tax Day, as we fight against IRS abuse, and push for a fairer tax code!