Join us, and rally to stop Congress’ Obamacare exemption!

It should go without saying that members of Congress should have to abide by the same laws the rest of us do. If a piece of legislation is good enough for the people, it should be good enough for our elected officials. That is, unless it’s Obamacare.

While Americans were forced to live under the disaster that is Obamacare, lawmakers on Capitol Hill were given a pass – thanks to a nice little exemption they wrote for themselves. As Tea Party Patriots, we won’t take this double standard any longer. So on Wednesday, June 17, we, along with our supporters, will be rallying to end Congress’ Obamacare exemption!

Click here to find out how you can participate in the June 17 rally to end Congress’ Obamacare exemption!

Join us by gathering at noon at either your local Senators’ or Representative’s office, and demand that they live under the law like the rest of us. No more should Congress get special carve-outs because lawmakers sneakily designate Congress as a “small business.” No more taxpayer-funded subsidies. No more exemptions.

It’s time for Congress to live like the rest of us! Make your voice heard on June 17!