Jenny Beth’s Journal: “Why is the Senate putting the cart before the horse” on illegal immigration


The Senate has spent most of the week considering the “best” possible plan for the “Dreamers” and how to protect them from deportation. What our lawmakers should be focused on is policy that actually secures our borders and protects the American people.

The Hill has Jenny Beth’s commentary:

Consider that virtually every proposal under consideration begins with the premise that this particular group of illegal immigrants — the “Dreamers,” illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children — must be shielded from deportation. They did not come here illegally of their own free will. They were brought here as children. It wasn’t their fault. They should not be required to pay the penalty for their parents bringing them here, because in America, we don’t hold people responsible for the actions of their parents.

At first glance, that’s a compelling argument, at least to some. But by that logic, the child of a bank robber should be allowed to keep the proceeds of a bank robbery committed by his or her parents. After all, the child had nothing to do with the crime, and had no say in the matter. Of course, we don’t prosecute and send to jail children of bank robbers. We believe individuals are responsible, and must be held accountable, for their own actions, not the actions of others.

But we wouldn’t allow those children to keep the ill-gotten cash from that bank robbery, either. If we did, we’d have a lot more bank robberies. That’s exactly the situation we face today, after decades of lax enforcement of our immigration laws. Lax enforcement begets more illegal immigration, which begets more lax enforcement, and so on, until the rule of law itself is on shaky ground.

And as to putting the cart before the horse? Again, virtually every proposal under consideration seeks to marry some form of legal status for the “Dreamers,” a policy desire of the left, with some form of strengthened border security, a policy desire of the right.

The Senate needs to focus on ways to improve border security like implementing a biometric entry/exit visa tracking system, ending the visa lottery, building the wall and ending chain migration. Senate members needs to their priorities straight by putting America first!