Jenny Beth’s Journal: “Pentagon should be impervious to the feminist agenda”


In a column for the Washington Times this week, Jenny Beth writes that after years of brainwashing and running rabid across college campuses, political correctness has taken hold of the Pentagon. Last week, the Pentagon released a misguided and a politically charged statement that recommended women be required to sign up for the military draft. Congress owes it to our men and women in uniform to listen to all recommendations put forth by the Defense Department, but in this instance, Congress should ignore the Pentagon’s recommendation to look further into allowing women into combat roles.

Jenny Beth writes in the Washington Times:

Instead of expanding the draft, this report from the Pentagon actually offers a good opportunity for Congress to provide some much-needed oversight and investigation into whether or not women should be in combat roles. And the answer to that question, once it is stripped of its feminist mandates, is a resounding “No.”

The simple truth, rooted in scientific fact, is that women are not as physically capable as men. That is such a simple fact, and yet it flies in the face of feminist spin, so we are reluctant to even voice those basic realities. And yet it is true: The average physically fit woman is far inferior, physically speaking, to the average physically fit man – and thus, she is less combat-ready than her physically-fit male counterpart.

The liberal idea that has seized America’s schools that A’s should be awarded for effort has no place in our defense system. On the front line, the difference between life and death is not a matter of effort, but of achievement.

Feminist dogma has dictated policies that damage our military, put our servicemen and women in greater harm, and yes, will cause more women to be killed on the battlefield.

The U.S. military’s singular obsession should be on operational efficiency and preparedness. Not the feminist dogma that’s dictating politics damaging our military and putting our servicemen and women in greater harm!