Jenny Beth’s Journal: NFL shows its true colors and they aren’t red, white and blue


NFL players this past weekend chose to make a political statement by kneeling instead of standing with their hand on their heart for the Star-Spangled Banner – a move that left many Americans feeling betrayed by a league they have cheered on for decades, writes Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin in her latest column for The Washington Times.

The Washington Times has the inside scoop:

It is hardly a coincidence that the national anthem was first played at a baseball game during the Civil War, that the song captured the sporting world’s attention during the first World War, or that it went on to become a permanent fixture at sporting events because of its role at baseball games during the second World War.

Three wars. Three pivotal moments in American history. And through it all, Americans drew comfort from the words of the “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The playing of our national anthem at sporting events is inextricably linked to our nation’s respect for those who serve in our military and risk their lives to protect our cherished freedoms.

The United States is unique among all of the countries of the world in that our national anthem is about our flag. It’s not about saving a monarchy or even, principally, about our country. It is about our flag, and what it signifies. Our pledge of allegiance, too, is unique for that same reason. We pledge allegiance to the flag.

The football players who have chosen to kneel during the anthem have done more than disrespect our flag and our men and women in the military; they have also shown their contempt for a large portion of their fan base.

Patriots off the field who are thoroughly unimpressed by certain football players’ antics have the opportunity to grab the NFL’s attention by engaging in another form of protest – a boycott of all the NFL’s sponsors.

The actions of some NFL players, teams and coaches showed disrespect to the men and women who serve in our military and have upset millions of fans. This is our opportunity to grab the NFL’s attention by engaging in our own form of a protest: boycotting the NFL’s sponsors! Click here for a list of NFL sponsors’ contact information – we encourage everyone to call NFL sponsors and tell them you will not support companies that support an NFL that shows disrespect for the flag and servicemembers that risk their lives to keep our freedoms safe!