Jenny Beth’s Journal: ‘Mob rule’ is the Democratic Party’s new scare tactic


Tensions rise as Democrats and Republicans get ready to cast their votes in November. Unfortunately, one side has used violence and scare tactics in order to get its way and to try to suppress the voice of the other side. The question that voters should ask themselves is: Do we want to live in a nation under a party that advocates for left wing political violence, mob rule, and the elimination of rule of law

The Hill has Jenny Beth’s commentary: 

Today, it is now a mainstream position within the Democratic Party to assert that some people are guilty until they prove their innocence, and that the enraged mob is best suited to mete out justice, no matter if there is any evidence or not. If the mob comes for you, will you be one of the lucky ones who are presumed innocent by its standards?

Some prominent Democrats, from elected officials to candidates, as well as media personalities, have demonized political opponents as murderers and terrorists for decades. Now they have added “gang rapist” to their list of unfounded accusations against people with whom they disagree. Since fall of 2015, there have been more than 580 instances of violence or threats against Donald Trump supporters and conservatives, some of which have barely been reported. Were you aware of that?

Included in that list is a Bernie Sanders supporter shooting up a baseball field full of Republican lawmakers, nearly killing Congressman Steve Scalise. Do you know the name of the shooter? If not it is because the media and the Democrats have buried that story. There are more recent instances on that list, such as a Minnesota public school teacher talking about killing Justice Kavanaugh, antifa blocking and taking over the roads and chasing an old man down the street in Portland, the wife of Senator Cory Gardner receiving a video of a beheading because he voted to confirm Kavanaugh, and Senator Susan Collins threatened with death and other vile actions because she voted to confirm Kavanaugh.

Unfortunately, antifa and other violent groups now stand at the center of progressive liberal politics in America. Even worse, mainstream Democrats support or quietly cede ground to these extremists. In case you are not sure who is part of antifa, they are the people who dress in black, cover their faces, smash windows, set cars on fire, carry weapons to their marches, beat people with clubs until they bleed, and post your personal information online like your address or your place of work if you disagree with their positions or tactics. They do this in the name of “justice” doled out by your friendly neighborhood mob.

Our Republic is in jeopardy and the power that we have against that assault is our voice. We encourage you to vote in November and to send a message to the Left exclaiming their politically-charged violence and scare tactics will have no effect over us and where our nation goes from here.