Jenny Beth’s Journal: GOP faces challenges with a weak leadership this holiday season


The GOP needs to strategize on how to deal with its leadership yielding to Democrats’ demands. If the omnibus spending package comes to President Trump’s desk with more items favorable to Democrats, then the GOP has failed to achieve its 2017 goal.

The Hill has Jenny Beth Martin’s commentary:

Let’s be clear. Voters express their policy choices through their votes. When a group of voters who want policy outcome A outvote the group of voters who want policy outcome B, it is assumed that policy choice A will be enacted. That’s how our government maintains fidelity to the understanding of the Framers of “the consent of the governed.”

But when there are more voters who want policy outcome A, and policy outcome B is enacted instead, that’s perversion of “consent.” Such an outcome explicitly rejects “consent.” It is injurious to the relationship between the governed and those who govern in their name under the Constitution. Thus, it is to be avoided.

There are at least three major areas of contention to be decided on the spending package, and if history is any guide, Democrats will win, and Republicans will lose – and that means the voters who outnumbered Democrats, and who voted to give Republicans the majorities in both houses of Congress and the White House, will lose.

Just last week, both House and Senate passed and sent to President Trump the National Defense Authorization Act, which includes a $77.4 billion increase in defense spending over the budget cap for fiscal 2018. Democrats demand that increase be matched on the domestic side. Congressional GOP leaders will, no doubt, give them what they want.

The GOP needs a strategy to deal with its pushover leaders who are caving to Democrats’ spending demands — the same Democratic lawmakers who have no problem frivolously spending hard-earned tax dollars. If the GOP isn’t keeping a close eye on the spending front, then we’re all going to end up with a big lump of coal in our stockings this Christmas.