Jenny Beth’s Journal: Game on, group-think feminists!


The media has clogged the airwaves to imply that “all” women are part of this new modern-day feminism movement. That “all” women agreed with Dr. Ford’s sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh and that “all” women believe survivors. Period. Except these claims are not true and it’s an insult to think that “all” women are a part of this radical group-think feminism movement.

InsideSources has Jenny Beth’s commentary:

At Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, we collected letters from women who enthusiastically supported Brett Kavanaugh and wanted to see him confirmed to the Supreme Court. Some of these women are survivors of sexual abuse and rape, and yet, contrary to the media/leftist narrative, they wrote letters in support of Brett Kavanaugh because they were so incensed watching the Democrats trample on the concepts of due process and presumption of innocence in their quest to gain power.

Independent-thinking women are sick and tired of being lumped in with the women who trap elected officials in elevators and scream at them, or who want to throw away the constitutional rights of men in this country. We refuse to be tied to women who wear pink kitty hats or pop their heads through homemade vaginas made of felt and satin and wander around with fists raised in the air, screaming obscenities. We are officially breaking rank from the screeching, Marxist feminists who purport to represent all women and who try to speak for the rest of us when they smear an innocent man as a serial, violent gang rapist.

We reject your absurd slogans like, “The Future is Female,” because that one literally makes no sense, at all, and we reject your dangerous slogans like, “Believe All Women,” because women are not immune from corruption, malice, and dishonesty. To suggest otherwise, frankly, demonstrates a worldview that is untethered to reality; a bigoted position that deserves to be stamped out and discarded.

So, women of the left, the rest of us are putting you on notice: your time in the driver’s seat is over. Your radical, anti-man revenge fantasies have done enough damage – and not just to men, but also to the relationships between men and women, to families, and to women themselves.

While the group-think feminists are out occupying Senate buildings, destroying government and personal property, and screaming at people on the streets, we will be mobilizing the vote for women who believe in the Constitution and who can independently think for themselves. Game on, group-think feminists!