TPP: Senate Democrats’ Investigation into IRS Targeting a “Whitewash”


ATLANTA, GA – Today, Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, blasted the Senate Permanent Committee on Investigations and Senator Carl Levin’s (D-MI) report on the so-called “investigation” into the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of tea party groups.

“The Senate Democrats’ so-called ‘investigation’ into the IRS’ selective targeting of tea party and conservative groups for additional scrutiny has been a whitewash from the very beginning,” said Jenny Beth Martin. “The man who conducted this so-called ‘investigation,’ Senator Levin, is himself the subject of a pending investigation for exerting pressure on the IRS to investigate tea party, conservative, and free-market non-profit investigations – something he now says they did not do. That’s like asking Captain Renault to conduct an investigation into gambling at Rick’s Café.

“This so-called ‘investigation’ is a total joke, and makes a mockery of the law,” continued Martin.“Sen. Levin’s report is a failure of Congress’ oversight responsibility of the Executive Branch – so much so that I would understand anyone who was tempted to think Sen. Levin and his staff deliberately looked the other way.  The American people have had enough of this stonewalling, obfuscating, muddying, befogging, and denying what everyone knows is true – first from the Obama Administration, and now from Senate Democrats – and the Tea Party Patriots demand accountability.”

Tea Party Patriots filed a complaint with the Senate Select Committee on Ethics in June, requesting that the committee “investigate whether Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) violated Senate rules by unlawfully and unethically exerting pressure on the IRS on multiple occasions to investigate tea party, conservative, and free-market non-profit organizations.”

“This Administration, the IRS, and now the Senate believe they can abuse political power to suit their purposes with impunity,” continued Martin. “It’s unfortunate that we, along with Judicial Watch and many other organizations that are willing to stand up to tyranny by our own government, must go to such great lengths for justice.  We simply want the truth, and we want those responsible for the abuse to be brought to true justice.”


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