Jenny Beth Martin Remarks To Open Press Conference on House Vote to Hold Lois Lerner in Contempt of Congress

The IRS used intimidation tactics to target those with whom the president disagrees, prevented ordinary citizens from exercising their constitutional right to free speech, and has thus far evaded responsibility for this reprehensible action.

Today’s vote holding Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress brings us one step closer to justice and accountability as we push to learn the truth about who started this abuse of power, how high it runs within the administration, and who was involved.

With us are some of those the IRS targeted and some of the champions in Congress who are trying to learn the truth.

Kevin Kookogey of Nashville, Tennessee… The IRS wanted the list of minors involved in his local group.

Justin Binik Thomas of Cincinnati, Ohio… who the IRS targeted by name and has stonewalled on why and how this came to be

C. Steven Tucker of Chicago, Illinois… who experienced abuse in the last 6 months – long since the Treasury Inspector General report was released.

And Darcy Kahrhoff of Katy, Texas.  whose local tea party group is an example of one of hundreds targeted.

We are just a few of the Americans who wanted only to exercise our right to free speech. Instead, we found ourselves targets of the Obama administration and subject to IRS intimidation.

Lois Lerner is at the epicenter of the scandal. She even signed letters to Tea Party Patriots demanding we give answers under penalty of perjury. It’s time for Lois Lerner and the administration to tell the truth. Period.