Jenny Beth Martin Responds to Senator McConnell’s vow to avoid Government Shutdowns

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It is no surprise that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would take it upon himself to unilaterally vow that there would be no future government shut downs.  He’s forgotten about his vow to uphold the Constitution.

When he starts negotiating the power of Congress – the power of the purse – it makes it much easier for President Obama to win. Republicans were elected to the majority in the Senate to be a roadblock to the Obama agenda. Everyday Americans across this country increasingly wonder what the difference is between Mitch McConnell controlling the Senate and Harry Reid controlling the Senate. That’s a problem.

It is absurd to see that Sen. McConnell is more willing to fight members of his own conference than an overreaching president. It is absurd to see that we are $18 trillion in debt and he is still willing to fund executive amnesty, while he refuses to punish sanctuary cities. It is absurd to see Senate efforts to re-open the Export-Import Bank. It is absurd to see a Majority Leader with no resolve to even take a meaningful vote to stop taxpayer funds from going to a nonprofit organization which is reportedly trading in aborted baby parts.

Actions like these are fueling responses that have catapulted Donald Trump to the top of GOP presidential polls. Actions like these, in fact, sparked the modern-day Tea Party movement. Actions like these show the Washington Ruling Elite grows more and more out of touch with the rest of the country with every passing day.

Actions like these keep Tea Party Patriots engaged and determined to hold our elected officials accountable.

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore)