Jenny Beth Martin: President Obama shows ‘contempt’ for Constitution with latest gun grab


Tea Party Patriots CEO and Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin in her weekly column for The Washington Times calls out President Obama’s most recent assault on the Second Amendment, adding the unilateral executive actions he proposed curb Americans’ fundamental right to bear arms and will not prevent terrorist attacks or other violent attacks.

Read Jenny Beth’s column in The Washington Times:

Over the years, the president’s gun-control agenda has met bipartisan opposition in Congress, so he did what he so often does: He acted unilaterally, bypassing Congress and the U.S. Constitution.

In his speech announcing this latest executive order, the president seemed to be aware that his power grab would be viewed as an erosion of the Second Amendment. In an attempt to assuage those concerns, he reminded us that he once lectured on constitutional law. “I taught constitutional law, I know a little bit about this – I get it.” His academic acquaintance with the Bill of Rights, however, is a poor substitute for preserving and upholding those cherished rights.

Despite his frequent reminders of his background as a law lecturer, the president still struggles to understand the Constitution’s framework for our system of government. This executive order that will do so much to undermine the right to bear arms is not merely an attack on the Second Amendment; in a much larger sense, this executive order is another example of the president’s contempt for the entire Constitution, especially the separation of powers and safeguards against tyrannical rule embedded in our Constitution.

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