Jenny Beth Martin: Obama’s game of high-stakes postelection policy poker


President Obama has been largely mum on details for his agenda after the 2014 Midterm Election. But that doesn’t mean Americans don’t know what to expect.

In a new op-ed for The Washington Times, Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin writes that even though President Obama keeps hidden details about his priorities, from Eric Holder’s replacement as Attorney General to immigration reform, the president’s past leaves little to the imagination. “When it comes to his plans for the next two years, though,” writes Martin, “Mr. Obama has provided the American people with plenty of ‘tells,’ which betray the strength or weaknesses of a poker player’s hand.”

Martin continues:

These misbegotten Obama policies have nationalized this midterm election and they are, in effect, on every ballot in the nation. He is keenly aware that his policies are at odds with what a majority of Americans want, and he’s not foolish enough to add to their worries. A growing body of research shows his party faces a crushing defeat at the polls next week, regardless of whether congressional Republicans simply roll with the wave or campaign on a platform of greater personal freedom, economic freedom and reining in our debt.

The president may consider himself clever by maintaining silence on his agenda, but in the high-stakes political poker game he’s playing, he’s revealed one tell after another, and Americans are seeing him for what he is.

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