IRS bulks up, audits more when Democrats are in control of Congress, White House


A study of the Internal Revenue Service from present day to 1978 reveals when Democrats control Congress and the White House, the agency targets more Americans.

The Washington Examiner has the scoop:

What’s more, when Democrats run the Senate, as they did during the Obama administration’s IRS targeting scandal, the agency is typically given more money to hire more auditors who conduct more audits.

“Democratic control of the Senate is correlated with an increased IRS budget and workforce. The president’s party has a statistically significant impact on the number of IRS enforcement personnel when both houses of Congress are controlled by Democrats,” said the study promoted by Harvard University last week and published in the Journal of Public Policy.

During the heyday of the IRS scandal, when conservative groups critical of President Obama saw their applications for tax exempt status delayed, questioned or killed, Democrats controlled the House and Senate.

The IRS has a history of throwing its weight around — including President Obama’s IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. Click here to sign the petition to impeach the IRS commissioner!