Inspector General: Clinton’s private-server emails contained intel beyond “top secret”

Emails uncovered from Hillary Clinton’s unsecured, private server used to conduct official state business contained intelligence beyond “top secret,” says an unclassified letter from a top inspector general.

Fox News has the exclusive:

Fox News exclusively obtained the unclassified letter, sent Jan. 14 from Intelligence Community Inspector General I. Charles McCullough III. It laid out the findings of a recent comprehensive review by intelligence agencies that identified “several dozen” additional classified emails — including specific intelligence known as “special access programs” (SAP).

That indicates a level of classification beyond even “top secret,” the label previously given to two emails found on her server, and brings even more scrutiny to the presidential candidate’s handling of the government’s closely held secrets.

“To date, I have received two sworn declarations from one [intelligence community] element. These declarations cover several dozen emails containing classified information determined by the IC element to be at the confidential, secret, and top secret/sap levels,” said the IG letter to lawmakers with oversight of the intelligence community and State Department. “According to the declarant, these documents contain information derived from classified IC element sources.”

Hillary Clinton during a press conference in March 2015 said of her personal email correspondence that “there is no classified material so I’m certainly well aware of the classification requirements.” It’s time for the Obama administration to stop giving Hillary special treatment! Click here to get involved and hold our leaders accountable!