Increased Border Security Can Do A Lot More Than Just Stop the Caravan


The U.S. Army has arrived along the U.S.-Mexico border, preparing for the arrival of the caravan carrying migrants who will attempt to cross the border. The increase in border security has unexpectedly hindered illegal drug trafficking by the Gulf Cartel.

The Washington Examiner has the story:

According to an eyewitness report, troops and trucks are delivering construction equipment, portable bathrooms and security to several areas along the border, the first wave of President Trump’s promise to bolster immigration enforcement with 5,000 or more soldiers.

The show of force is having the beneficial side effect of curbing illegal drug trafficking by the notorious Gulf Cartel, according to the report from the Center for Immigration Studies’ Todd Bensman.

He reported today: “Intelligence friends told me the Mexican cartel across the river, CDG, was angered by the U.S. troop deployment because it slowed the pace of drug smuggling and that they blamed the caravan for this. The cartel, I was told, has threatened the migrants to pay steep fees to cross through their territory or go elsewhere, hence the initial moves to Tijuana. No telling whether this is true. I just heard it from sources with access to such information.”

His report indicated that the initial landing of the Army is a big one. Pictures showed large groups of troops laying razor war and working to secure the border.

Open borders not only allow illegal immigrants to mooch off the taxpayer dollar but also keeps the illegal drug market flowing. While Democrats oppose enforcement of our immigration laws, the Trump Administration’s call for law and order along the border and a border wall to be built shows that he is making the safety of Americans a top priority.