Illegal immigrants must pay the price; not us


A legal immigrant from Hungary, Agnes Gibboney, opens up about the murder of her son 16 years ago, a murder committed by an illegal immigrant. After hearing about the news of Mollie Tibbetts, Gibboney understands what her family is going through.

USA Today has Agnes Gibboney’s commentary:

Like my son’s murderer, there were probably numerous opportunities at which Rivera’s illegal presence could have been determined and acted upon. Instead of officials catching him using a false ID card and Social Security number, government at all levels apparently failed to see the obvious until it was too late for Mollie and her family.

The apologists for illegal immigrants will no doubt tell us that the vast majority of illegal immigrants are not violent criminals, and they are right. But that’s not the point. They are all violating laws that exist to protect the best interests of the American people, which is reason enough to enforce our immigration laws. The fact that my son, Mollie, Kate Steinle, Sarah Root and many more whose names never made the headlines are dead is all the more reason why our immigration laws must be enforced.

While Congress refuses to provide the American people with a border security wall, hundreds of sanctuary jurisdictions around the country provide illegal immigrants with a virtual wall that effectively shields them from being identified and removed from the country. These jurisdictions, which include my home state of California, actively impede the identification and removal of illegal immigrants – including criminal illegal immigrants. In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has made 34 immigration-related pardons since 2011, often for the expressed purpose of preventing them from being deported.

We must also hold illegal immigrants accountable for their actions, even those who do not commit violent crimes in our country. The advocates for illegal immigrants ask us to understand why people come to this country illegally. We understand. But there is an important difference between understanding and condoning, which is what the economic and political elite whose communities, jobs, schools, and lives are largely unaffected by mass illegal immigration demand of the rest of us.

Protecting the interests and security of the American people must be the first priority for federal, state, and local officials, not a bargaining chip for amnesty for illegal immigrants. It won’t bring Ronald back to me, or Mollie back to her parents, but it will ensure that other families are spared our grief.

At the end of the day, American citizens end up paying the price. Our government needs to hold illegal immigrants accountable for violating the law and to make sure that we don’t have another family go through what the Tibbetts and the Gibboneys suffered through.