Illegal immigrants eligible for Social Security and Medicare


Last week, President Obama offered millions of illegal immigrants amnesty by executive order. With the stroke of a pen, the president bartered citizenship in exchange for passing a criminal background check and agreeing to pay taxes. He didn’t work with Congress or listen to the many Americans who oppose such a plan, and voiced their concerns by voting overwhelmingly Republican in the last election.

The President did, after all, say his policies were on the ballot.  They lost resoundingly.

But this week, we’re finding out the effects of Obama’s executive action are even more far-reaching. According to a report in the Washington Post[1], a White House official has confirmed that the millions of illegals who will be shielded from deportation will also be eligible to receive Social Security, Medicare, and other federal benefits.

According to White House spokesperson Shawn Turner, “if they pay in, they can draw.” Turner is referring to payroll taxes – percentages of which go to both Social Security and Medicare. Immigrants who can stay in the U.S. freely will inevitably get jobs and pay those taxes, the reasoning goes.

In case anyone is wondering what effect this will have on the long-term solvency of these two major government programs, consider this: yes, it could mean a short-term influx of cash (more people paying in). However, it also means that years from now, even more people will be drawing benefits. It’s almost incomprehensible that the additional beneficiaries will be covered down the road by what they paid into the system.

So where does that leave us?  In a rather precarious predicament, that’s where. Once again, we’re seeing the negative, unintended consequences of President Obama’s actions. At some point, someone is going to have to fill the president in: just because you have a progressive liberal agenda, it doesn’t mean you should shove it down our throats.