How you can avoid Second Amendment attacks in your city


This week, the Colorado city of Boulder announced its ban on assault weapons, bump stocks and magazines that hold 10 rounds or more. This ban is a response to the school shooting in Parkland, FL. The ban will most likely not hold up in court considering that Colorado already has state preemption laws that prevent localities from passing ordinances like this; however, this is not the first or the last of these types of local ordinances nationwide.

One of the many reasons why these preemption laws are in place is to keep laws uniform across the state in order to prevent confusion when travelers cross from one country to another. Simply crossing from one county that doesn’t restrict high-capacity magazine to another county that does means a responsible gun owner could unknowingly break the law in that county. Memorizing thousands of local government’s gun ordinances is not only tedious but nearly impossible to follow. In short, preemption laws protect gun owners. Unfortunately, not all states have strong preemption laws that can protect your Second Amendment rights.

We’ll be seeing more and more cities and counties nationwide trying to override state law with unnecessary and overburdening gun control ordinances. It is up to you and other law-abiding residents to make sure that local ordinances do not tread on your Second Amendment. Learn more about the importance of preemption and how you can prevent city councils from encroaching on your Second Amendment rights by going to the Nation Rifle Association- Institute for Legislative Action. Stand for the Second Amendment in your city!