House GOP Defunding Obamacare


After months (years!) of struggles, the House GOP is listening to the grassroots of America on Obamacare. From an e-mail sent by the office of House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) – partially republished below – Tea Party Patriots has learned the House will put forth a short-term Continuing Resolution through December 15 that defunds Obamacare:

Funds the Government through December 15th:  In order to give appropriators the opportunity to continue their work on the FY2014 bills and guarantee that House Republican priorities are reflected in the bills we send to the Senate, the House proposal will be a short term CR.

Funds the Government at current levels ($986.3 billion): The CR will be a straight extension of current spending levels – nothing in current law changes and the sequester remains in place.

Full Faith and Credit: Adds H.R. 807, the Full Faith and Credit Act, to the CR, requiring Treasury to make good on public debt payments should America reach the debt ceiling. This guarantees that the White House will not be able to play politics by ensuring that beneficiaries receive their social security and disability payments by prioritizing obligations to the Social Security Trust Fund. This demonstrates the seriousness with which we are approaching the essential task of delaying Obamacare before it afflicts all Americans.

Fully Defunds Obamacare: The CR will add language (previously included as a separate enrollment correction) to permanently and fully defund Obamacare spending through prohibiting discretionary and mandatory spending and rescinding all unobligated balances.

As you know, the House previously tried to gimmick a fake defunding. This one is not only a true defund, but it includes the Full Faith and Credit Act, which prevents President Obama from using the debt ceiling for pandering political tricks.

This happened because of you, Patriots. Each of you who called, visited, e-mailed, and held your Members in the House accountable achieved this win. According to a GOP aide, “The decision to include defunding Obamacare in the CR is a product of open and continuous dialogue in the Conference.” In other words, more dialogue was needed because of you.

Of course, the CR does have one gaping flaw: It funds the government at 2013’s sequester levels. This is approximately $21 billion above what the Budget Control Act said spending should be at in Fiscal Year 2014. While inclusion of the Full Faith and Credit Act and Obamacare defunding vastly outweigh the extra spending, it is disappointing to see the House compromise on sequestration.

The challenge for us now is to make sure the House and Senate GOP don’t cave. Allahpundit is not very optimistic for a number of reasons, especially because one reporter notes House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) expects Obamacare delay to still be an issue when the debt ceiling battle arrives:



From Allahpundit himself:

The House will pass an essentially symbolic defund measure. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul will do their best to argue for passing it in the Senate and will fail, hopefully at least with Senate Republicans lined up behind them in opposition to Reid’s funding measure but maybe not….Then Boehner, Ryan, et al. will call for House Republicans to pass a CR that funds O-Care for the time being and to shift the defunding argument to the debt ceiling, where they’ll … surely stand on principle. Surely they won’t cave again for fear of the bad press the GOP would get for pursuing ObamaCare brinksmanship with America’s creditworthiness on the line. Right?

While Allahpundit’s cynicism is well-founded, We the People can change that. We’ve pushed the House in the right direction; let’s move on to the Senate.

Carry on, patriots!